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Version: 3.25

Virtual Appliances

System requirements

Be aware that this is the minimum required for the application run, but depending on the number of current sessions, recording and other factors the requirements can change. Check Technical Specification for more information.

To start using the solution it is necessary the virtual machine to perform the installation and other activities. The virtual machines of the senhasegura can be found in our support portal:

  1. Access the Support Portal and insert the access credentials granted by the deployment team.

  2. Follow the path: Solution ➔ senhasegura Artifacts ➔ senhasegura ➔ Virtual Appliances

  3. A list of available Virtual Appliances will be displayed, click on the desired one and download it.


Always use the latest version available of senhasegura Virtual Appliance before starting a new deployment, to make sure that you are using the most updated version.