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Version: 3.25

ITSM integration

The requester user can input the Governance code into the justification and authorization form. This governance code can be used just for evidence or integrated into ITSM solutions.

When integrated with configured ITSM solutions, the senhasegura will first validate with the target ITSM system. The governance code provided grants the user authorization to execute the operation, as shown below:


If the code does not exist or is not valid, the senhasegura will not grant the user request, as in the image below.

ITSM Flow when the code does not match

You can configure the integration into Settings ➔ System parameters ➔ Integration with ITSM, and then click on the report action button New.

This report also gives the possibility to test every configurations using the Test authentication record action.


You can force the use of a valid Governance code in the option Governance ID required when justifying? in the access group settings tab.