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Version: 3.22

Enabling Authentication Providers

To enable an authentication provider, follow these steps:

  1. Access the menu: Settings ➔ Authentication ➔ Providers;

  2. In the field filters, select No in the Enabled field;

  3. Click on the Filter button;

    Authentication providers report
  4. Click on the Edit button from the provider to be enabled;

  5. Fill in the Order field with the number according to the priority of the Authentication Provider;

  6. In the Enabled field, select whether the device type will be enabled or not;

  7. Click on the Save button to complete the setup;


    If there is more than one enabled Authentication Provider, the authentication priority will follow the values indicated in the Order field. Thus, if a user is not found at a higher priority provider (smaller order), then senhasegura will try to authenticate at the provider with the next priority (bigger orders).