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Version: 3.25


Because the infrastructure handles critical systems and security security, lidar is important implemented in the IT infrastructure. tools to facilitate the environment and act quickly in case of failures. In this case, several aspects can be monitored by monitoring tools.


Provide guidance for system administrators who use security monitoring functions through the means provided by the password solution, namely MIB's SNMPv2, SNMPv3, Zabbix and SYSLOG.

The technological system that speeds up the monitoring of items in a safe and fundamental way both for the planning and for the detection of physical resources and correction of methods in a pro-activation way of the items in this way operates in the opportunities that can be carried out.

Importance of monitoring


The configuration of these monitoring will ensure better planning of the strategies to be adopted in several critical cases, such as:

  • Unmounting the backup remote partition
  • Storage partitions reaching 100% of their capacity
  • High CPU or memory consumption, which impact application performance
  • Such cases must be monitored, as they can lead to the malfunction of the senhasegura application and its features.