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Version: 3.25

Executors plugins

Executors of senhasegura represent which protocols and systems connectivity and the ability to interact natively.

Executions will run only when the target artifact (eg. credential to be changed) is configured with an executor and with a template to be used. Every template belongs to one and only one executor.

Every executor can interact over some system. senhasegura abstraction layer enables our development team to create new executors aim to reach protocols, cloud providers APIs, website interfaces, OS commands, etc.

Web environments

cURLExecutor for requests to simple web pages. Pages without JavaScript environment or HTML events. You can use this executor for legacy systems based on pure HTML4 architecture
HTTPExecutor for requests to complex web pages where more interactivity using JavaScript elements and event triggers are required
SeleniumSelenium is a web application automation solution created with the objective of supporting teams during automated tests, simulating a user

Miscellaneous protocols

LDAPInteractivity with navigations and operations on LDAP servers
SSHExecution of commands through an SSH connection
SSH LegacyCommand execution via SSH connection from legacy devices and old SSH versions
TelnetExecution of commands through a Telnet connection

Windows environments

Windows RMInteractivity with Windows devices through Windows RM
Windows RPCInteractivity with Windows devices through Windows RPC. It is even possible to execute commands via PowerShell



senhasegura can interact with a great number of databases. Its implementation can be requested to our Sales or Support team if needed. By default, senhasegura is installed with only this four major database vendors.

MySQLExecuting commands in a MySQL database
OracleExecution of commands in an Oracle database
PostgreSQLExecution of commands in PostgreSQL database
SQL ServerExecution of commands in SQL Server database
MongoDBExecution of commands in a MongoDB database
CassandraExecution of commands in a Cassandra database
ElasticsearchExecution of commands in an Elasticsearch database

Specific products and binaries

Tk ExpectBinary interactivity on the remote device via SSH, Telnet, SQL*Plus or TDS (Tabular Data Stream) connections. Perfect to interact on command line applications where the interface need to be interpreted
VMWare ESXiChanging passwords using the VMWare ESXi client
x3270: IBM Terminal Emulatorx3270 opens a telnet connection to an IBM host in an X window. It implements RFCs 2355 (TN3270E), 1576 (TN3270) and 1646 (LU name selection), and supports IND$FILE file transfer. The window created by x3270 can use its own font for displaying characters, so it is a fairly accurate representation of an IBM 3278 or 3279. It is similar to tn3270(1) except that it is X-based, not curses-based.
IBM 3270 Terminals3270 opens a telnet connection to an IBM host, then allows a script to control the host login session. It is derived from x3270(1), an X-windows IBM 3270 emulator. It implements RFCs 2355 (TN3270E), 1576 (TN3270) and 1646 (LU name selection), and supports IND$FILE file transfer.