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Version: 3.25

Executor triggers

A trigger is an action performed into the client module. It can be executed by Executor plugin supported by the client module' technology. This architecture enable our developers to create new plugins and triggers to every target system that support some kind of automated interaction.

By default, the following modules can trigger to start an execution operation:

PAM triggers

Credential enableEnable an locked credential into a target device. Can also be used to perform a JIT credential creation
Credential disabilingDisable a target credential after senhasegura Proxy usage. Can also be used to perform a JIT credential destruction
Password changeChange some credential ou SSH Key secret

Cloud IAM

AWS OpsWorksUsed into senhasegura DSM to provide credentials and secrets management in AWS OpsWorks

DevOps Secret Manager

AutomationDSM secret automation triggers

Certificate Manager

Certificate disabilingRevoke a target SSL certificate into target device
Certificate publishingPublish a target SSL certificate into target device

Task Manager

Task ManagerAutomated tasks into target devices that can be scheduled or executed by user request


New groupGroup creation at target system
New userUser creation at target system
Group deleteGroup deletion at target system
User deleteUser deletion at target system
User delete in groupRemoving a user from a group at target system