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Version: 3.22


To start this topic, it is understood that at this moment the platform is already configured with the main services and the architecture is properly implemented.

It is extremely important that the customer has a final recovery process if the instances are inaccessible and even the backup cannot be used.

senhasegura exports all privileged information to a folder at the customer's discretion. This information is encrypted using AES-256 and made available in separate files for each information and respecting the different values ​​it may have received over time.

We call Master Key the key that encrypts and allows the opening of this data. This key is generated, using the Shamir algorithm, and distributed in different fractions to the Master Key Guardians.

By joining a portion of these fractions it is possible to recover the Master Key and have access to the data in the encrypted files.

The process of issuing and distributing the portions of the key is called Master Key Ceremony. Also known in the market as Break the glass.