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Version: 3.25

PAM Core Troubleshooting

Citrix Troubleshooting

The desktop you are trying to connect to is unavailable

Error: Citrix XenApp Application Launch Error: The desktop are trying to connect to is unabailable at this moment. Please try again later, or contact an administrator if the problem persists.

Solution: Verify if the applications' server is working or there are no stuck sessions.

Cannot connect to " - AppName"

Error: Cannot connect to " - AppName". No such file or directory. Verify your connection settings and try again.

Solution: Verify the network connection between the Bridge Server and the applications' server.

Unable to connect to the remote server URL

Error: Citrix XenApp - Cannot Contact the Citrix Server: Unable to connect to the remote server URL 'https://citrixstore/Citrix/Store/PNAgent/config.xml'. The remote server URL may not be entered correctly or the remote server may be down. Would you like to re-enter the server URL?

Solution: Verify the connection between the Citrix Bridge Server and Citrix Store. You can try to use the IP address instead of the store hostname. For example:

The remote desktop server encountered an error and has...

Error: The remote desktop server encountered an error and has closed the connection. Please try again or contact your system administrator.

Solution: Verify if the Docker container is running: sudo docker ps. If not, start it by using the following command: sudo docker start xrdp-citrix-senhasegura-image_0.9.5-8.

Cannot transfer files

Error: The option to transfer files is not working.

Solution: Verify if you have instaled the Fuse module in the Bridge Server Linux. If you have installed the Fuse module, verify if it is running lsmod | grep fuse or start it modprobe fuse.

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