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Version: 3.25


Through the Task Manager ➔ Tasks menu you have access to all registered tasks, as well as controls for registering new tasks and performing maintenance on existing tasks.

Job Listing
Task information
Task identification nameTask name
EnvironmentEnvironment to which the task belongs. Used in segregation of access.
SystemSystem to which the task belongs. Used in segregation of access.
TagsTags for control.
Variables for execution (grid)

Variables are values that can be used in Execution Templates as substitution values. Use the characters [# and #] for use.

As an example, if you enter a variable LOREM with value Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, it could be used in the Execution Template as follows:

echo '\[#LOREM#\]' 

When execution occurs, the variable markup will be replaced by its value.

echo 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet' 
New variableAdds a new entry in the variable list.
IdentifierName of the variable. This is the name that should be used in the templates
ValueValue that will receive the variable.
Credential for execution

You must list which Credential will be used to perform the task.

Use the registered credential to access all devicesIndicator to switch between a registered credential or a credential username that is linked to the remote device.
Access credentials registered in the systemEnables the selection of an existing credential to perform the task.
Credential usernameAllows username to be entered. A device-linked credential containing the desired username will be used.
Devices for execution

You must select which devices the task will run on. When the execution of the task starts, each device will have its own separate operation. That is, each device will have its own execution log. Success or failure to perform the task on one device does not prevent or affect execution on the next device.