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Version: 3.25

Access Group

Task Manager Access Groups are different from Credentials Access Groups. Therefore, the fact that a user has access to using a particular credential in Task Manager does not guarantee access to the same credential for password withdrawal or proxy session.

Through the Task Manager ➔ Settings ➔ Access Groups menu you will have access to all created groups, being able to create new or maintain existing groups.

Task Manager Access Groups Report

Registering an access group

In order for the task created to be viewed, the users who will execute it must be in an access group for the tasks. To create this access group follow the instructions:

  1. Access Task Manager ➔ Settings ➔ Access group

  2. Click the Show actions button on the report

  3. Click on the New group option

    Task Manager access group registration form
  4. Define the group's permissions and whether group members should justify and/or request approvals to run a task, as shown in the figure grupodeacesso-enus

  5. Go to the guide Criteria and choose the Environments and Systems where the members of this group will be able to perform the tasks

  6. Go to the Users tab and click the Add button and select the users that were part of this group and then click Add Selected as in the figure grupodeacessousu-enus.

    User registration form for the Task Manager access group

    If you have selected a user by mistake click the Remove button and similarly select the users you wish to remove.

  7. If you have defined in the guide Configurations that group members need approval it is important that the guide Approvals be filled out.

    As the users were selected in the previous step, select the approvers.


    If the approval is in levels, you must also define the approval level of each one.


    You can check your task execution requests via the menu Task Manager ➔ My requests.

    If you are an approver check the requests made to you through the menu Task Manager ➔ My approvals

With these settings you will be able to register and run a task as we will see in the next chapter. % Redefinindo a pasta atual do capitulo


Access Group Registration. Settings tab.
Access group nameAccess group name
EnabledIndicator whether the group will be applied to senhasegura
Requires reason to run taskIndicator if user needs to justify why they want to perform the task
Requires approval to run taskIndicator whether an approver will need to authorize the execution of the task
Approvals required to runNumber of approvals required to perform task
Disapprovals required to cancelNumber of disapprovals required for execution to be canceled
Approval in levelsIndicator if senhasegura will involve level-by-level approvers as approvals take place
User can download the task resulting filesExecuting users will be able to download the output file of the execution.
User must provide a reason for downloading files resulting by the taskUsers should indicate why they want to download the output file of the execution
Governance ID required when justifying?Prompts the user for the linked maintenance ticket number
Always add user manager to approvers?Indicator if the administrator of the Department to which the user belongs will be added as an approver at the time of request.


Access Group Registration. Criteria tab.
Device (comma separated)Hostname of the devices to be considered in segregation. Use the wildcard character * to create a pattern.
EnvironmentsMark which Environments are considered in the segregation
SystemsMark which Systems are considered for segregation


In this tab you will see which users fall under this access group setting. Click the footer button Add to open the available users dialog. Click the Remove button to remove users from the relationship.


In this tab you will see which users are configured as approvers of this group. Through the Level column you set the approval step at levels that this approver will be notified of. Use the same button mechanism in the footer to manage participants.