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Version: 3.25

Complementary User Entity Controls

Controls and responsibilities that the customer has to use senhasegura properly.

Access management

The customer’s responsibility is to control access and identities, configure policies, groups, and permissions, and inactivate users who should no longer access the application.

Network and security

It is the customer's responsibility to configure the VPN peer and maintain an active internet link to access senhasegura, and perform network configuration so that its users can access it.

In addition, the customers are also responsible for maintaining security policies for their environment and designate one or more focal points for interaction with the senhasegura Support team.


The initial setup and configuration of the main vault entities is the customer's responsibility. It is also customer's responsibility to ensure connectivity between the vault and the target devices.


Customized support services can be contracted separately.


Performing snapshots, updating, and restoring, in case of unavailability is the responsibility of senhasegura.

If the customer wishes to store the application backup, videos, and credentials locally, it will be their full responsibility for security measures, access control, and disk space.


The environment’s health check is the responsibility of senhasegura.

The customer is responsible for monitoring issues related to user behavior, auditable events, and security policies, being able to configure SIEM / Syslog to receive security events.