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Version: 3.25

Using SSH Keys

View the key and password

In the key report, you have access to the Show key action. This action displays the values of the public and private keys. And if there is a usage password, this password can be accessed from the View password button.

To view the previous key values, the record action Key passwords history will list all previous values. And each record will have a preview action.

Proxy access with SSH keys

Also in the SSH key report you will find the record action Start session with key . This action will redirect to the SSH Keys: Remote access report, also accessible from PAM Core ➔ Credentials ➔ SSH Keys ➔ SSH keys menu.

In this report you will see the key in the highlighted record and its devices in subsequent records. Each device will have a Start session action, where the Web proxy will start.


The use of the SSH key can also be performed by senhasegura Terminal Proxy.