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Version: 3.25


Inside senhasegura are used entities called Devices and Credentials to organized your PAM.

  • Devices are elements managed by the solution like Servers, Workstations, Network Assets, Web Apps, and others.
  • Credential is the username and password that is associated with a device, which will provide your remote access.

It is important to be aware that every credential belongs to a device. But a credential can be used on multiple devices and products on the platform.

This means that the device must be registered before the credential. But this device does not need to be exactly hardware. It can be a service that is reachable under network address and it may have connectivity within the protocols supported in senhasegura.

Important entities

Before registering the devices it is important to know about some device attributes usage, and where we can set them.

  • Domain: In senhasegura , domains are used on Microsoft Windows devices. They are part of the authentication process in the connection protocols. They can be seen in use the proxy, password exchange, certificates, scan & discovery sessions and other features involving Microsoft credentials.

    Domain registration is performed at the PAM Core ➔ Credentials ➔ Domains menu. On the parameter screen, the LDAP/Active Directory section contains a list of available domains in the Domain settings field, or you can add new one clicking on plus sign;

  • Site: The site is used as a division of devices. Physical sites such as geographic locations, business area separations, or simply as a virtual separations. Use the customer's business rule to generate this division.

    The sites can be registered at the time of device registration, or through your report at the Devices ➔ Settings ➔ Sites menu.