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Version: 3.25

Screen notifications

The senhasegura screen notifications allow the administrator to create notifications that will be displayed on the user desktop like a pop-up.

Besides the previous notifications that had pre-configured messages and types, screen notifications can be elaborated by the administrator.

It's possible to create a personalized text, choose the display time and the user that will be notified.

Registering screen notifications:

To register a new screen notification type, follow these steps:

  1. Access the menu: Settings ➔ Notifications ➔ Screen notifications ➔ New notification

  2. Enter a title for the notification identification on the platform

  3. Type the message you want to be displayed in the text of the notification

  4. Determine the duration time, in milliseconds, in which the notification will be displayed

  5. Select the system users who will have the notification displayed on their screens

  6. Click on Save

Screen notifications list:

To list the screen notifications, follow these steps, access the menu: Settings ➔ Notifications ➔ Screen notifications ➔ List notifications.

On this screen, you can view the list of sent screen notifications along with the text of the notification, such as the author and date of display.


The senhasegura provide details about the screen notifications that can be used on an audit process such the time the notification was displayed for each user and the time each user closed the pop-up; this becomes evidence that the user was indeed notified by something and helps with the nonrepudiation of the information.

Click on the View notification by user register action button to see all the details.


It's possible to adjust default settings of the screen notifications through the menu: Settings ➔ Notifications ➔ Screen notifications ➔ Parameters. On this screen will be possible to configure the display time, the maximum number of screen notifications and more.