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Version: 3.25


  1. First you have to deploy the senhasegura Load-balancer OVA into your hypervisor using the recommended requirements;

  2. At the first boot, you will be presented to the following screen:

    First boot screen
  3. Following the banner instruction, do the login using the setup user and the random generated password also displayed at the banner;

  4. You will be redirected to a text editor to complete the load-balancer network configuration. Follow the fields descriptions to fill correctly;

    Load-balancer network configuration
  5. First you should configure the load-balancer network configuration. Into this step you also have to register all load-balancers IPs;

    All load-balancer instances IPs
  6. Next, you have to configure all senhasegura application instances. This configuration should be the same on every senhasegura Load-balancer instances;

  7. Into this step you can decide to balance all senhasegura instances services or just senhasegura Proxy services;

    All senhasegura application instances to be balanced
  8. Save and exit the text-editor;

  9. The load-balancer will reboot and the login banner will be presented again with all variables configured;


If you decided to deploy more than one senhasegura Load-balancer instance, you should keep all senhasegura Load-balancer instances with the same senhasegura members configuration order!