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Version: 3.25

GO Endpoint Manager Linux

Linux-based operating systems have a widely known and easily understood permission pattern. Its segregation by the entities (owner, group, and others), combined with the actions (read, write and execute), reduces the possibility of granulation in environments where not even a privileged user could carry out changes that put at risk the functioning of a critical system.

It would be disastrous if an infrastructure administrator, by chance, modifies a database connection file under the responsibility of a DBA and widely used by systems hosted on this same server.

Some tools already known in the market deliver better control over actions in the application layer, file system, and even the kernel. But they are too complicated and decentralized.

To increase the governance of these assets, GO Endpoint Manager Linux, using CaitSith technology, acts as a PEDM, managing to integrate all Web management facilities with centralized decision making and replicated to the park of devices. It delivers to the security professional a powerful tool that increases the granulation of actions on Linux devices at the level of Kernel actions.