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Version: 3.25

General Information

The senhasegura DevOps Secret Management (DSM) allows easy management of applications and secrets in a DevOps environment.

With this module, you can manage the Secrets and Applications lifecycle, and how your DevOps environment interacts with senhasegura DSM to retrieve privileged data.

The administrator can manage the application’s access through authorizations by defining access policies on senhasegura DSM , in addition to managing the secrets lifecycle through automations.

Fully integrated with other senhasegura platform modules, such as Cloud and PAM Core, a secret can be composed by Access Keys, Credentials, SSH Keys and other generic information through the combination of keys and values (key/value type secret).

The development team can also easily integrate through APIs and plugins from different platforms, CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure and configuration automation, cloud provider services etc.

DevOps Secret Manager Overview

DSM can integrate with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud; Linux and Windows-based servers, databases and more, throughout the integration with the PAM and Cloud modules and also with DevOps solutions.

DSM Architecture