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Version: 3.25

Create Discovery

During the senhasegura installation is configured some Scan parameters so that Scans can be automatically be done in different environments and a certain period of time.

senhasegura performs these types of Discovery: Domain, Application, Device and Containers. The screens to create a Discovery are very similar.

The screen shown below is typical and has a header depending on the Discovery type and the tabs are also different to each type.

Device discovery form

Depending on the type of Discovery the screen has the following tabs:

Search parametersX
Filters for searchX
Certificate Discovery

At the moment, senhasegura certificate discovery module can only import certificates with the .crt and .cer extensions, for certificates protected with passwords an credential needs to be given.

For better understanding will be explained the header part of each type and then explained once each tab.

To create a Discovery go to menu Discovery ➔ Settings ➔ Discovery and on the Report action button click on New.

Types of discovery

Click on the type of Discovery to be created.