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Version: 3.25

Renew a certificate

When a certificate expires or is about to expire, the user must make a renew request which is nothing more than a request for a new certificate with the same data as the previous one. The renew of a certificate can also be done through the senhasegura to do so follow the instructions:

  1. Access the certificate report: Certificates ➔ Certificates

  2. Find the certificate you want to renew, use the filter to find faster and click on the corresponding action button and select the option Renew certificate.

  3. Choose from the options to create the renewal request along with the subscription request or just create the renewal request and click Yes to proceed.

    • Generate the request and sign:When you choose this option the screen will be reloaded and the order form will be loaded so you can edit and request more information about the renewal. For instructions on how to complete it, please refer to the chapter Requests.

    • Just generate the request: This option generates only the renewal request. With this step reproduced, the renewal will be requested and the renewed certificate will be ready for your signature to be requested next. Please refer to the chapter Signing a Certificate on how to request a signature.


The renewal request may also depend on an approval if you are a member of a group that requires approvals

As soon as the certificate is renewed and signed it will be available in the certificate report with the status: Valid.

If the certificate has not yet been renewed the status will be displayed as: Renewal requested, wait a little longer and reload the page.


Access the requisition report: Certificates ➔ Requests to check the status of the renew request



To learn more about certificates that need to be renewed or have their expiration periods coming to an end, access the certificate dashboards:

  • Genaral Dashboard: It shows the general information of the certificates as: number of certificates that expired in the next 180, 90 to 7 days; number of certificates by environment, by Certificate Authority, by type and others.

    Access: Certificates ➔ Dashboard ➔ General

  • Risk radar: The radar displays the certificates, by certifying authority, that are closest to the due date. Clicking on them displays a page with information about the certificate, such as: exact expiration date, responsible for the certificate, devices where the certificate is published. It is still possible on this same page to renew the certificate by clicking on the Renew button at the bottom of the page.

    Access: Certificates ➔ Dashboard ➔ Risk radar