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Version: 3.25

Import a certificate

If you already have a certificate and you want the senhasegura to manage it you can import it into the system by following these instructions:

  1. Access the certificate report: Certificate Manager ➔ Certificates ➔ Certificates


    You can use the Quick Actions button and select the Certificate option to display the import form.

  2. Click on the View actions button in the report and select the option Import certificate

  3. Select the certificate file on your machine

  4. Then also select the key file that corresponds to the certificate key

  5. Click Save to finish


For more security you can also determine a password for viewing the certificate in the Key password field. Likewise, determine a password for the certificate to be revoked in the Revocation password field, i.e., only those who know the determined password may revoke the certificate.

Update the report and the imported certificate will already be available for management by senhasegura.