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Version: 3.25

Export a certificate

After the certificate has been published in the system it is possible to download a certificate and also send it by e-mail.

  1. Access the certificate report Certificates ➔ Certificates and find the certificate you want to download or send by e-mail, use the filter to find easier

  2. Click on the corresponding action button and choose the option Certificate Information.

  3. On the information page displayed click the footer button:

    • Send by email: The certificate will be sent by e-mail to the chosen users. Click the Add button and a list of users with e-mail addresses registered in the senhasegura will be displayed. Select the users you want to receive the certificate, click Add. If the list of users is correct click Send.

    • Certiicate Download: By clicking this button the download of the certificate files will start automatically.

    • Download certificates with the complete chain: Choose only with the common name or entire chain. If the user chooses the whole chain, a certificate is generated with the common name and the CA CN certificates.