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Version: 3.25

Registering and using Radius with MFA

To access the MFA providers menu, go to Settings ➔ Authentication ➔ Multi-Factor Authentication ➔ Providers:

  1. Você será solicitado a usar o token TOTP gerado

  2. Click on the Action menu and choose the New option

    Radius configuration
  3. A new window will open called Select the supplier

  4. Choose the Radius option

  5. Fill in the following fields on the Registro Provider screen of the Radius server so that senhasegura can establish communication:

Name: Name to identify the provider in senhasegura.

Active: Indicates whether the server is activated or not.

Radius plugin configuration

Hostname*: Server name or IP.

Port: Communication port number. The field is populated with the default protocol port number.

Key: Radius access key.

Timeout(s)*: Timeout in seconds.

Click Save to complete.