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Version: 3.25

Generate remote ceremony from the master key

Add guardians

In scenarios where participants are remotely and cannot meet physically for special reasons, senhasegura offers a way to perform the Master Key ceremony remotely. That way, guardians have access to your parts safely.

Master key ceremony screen

This functionality is only present in versions 3.6 and higher. And an SMTP e-mail account must be configured and set as default.


The following events from the Master Key ceremony are displayed in Syslog:

  • Start of the ceremony
  • Preview of the key part
  • Download the PDF file containing part of the key
  • Ceremony closing

To perform the master key ceremony remotely, access the menu: Settings ➔ Backup ➔ Define a new master key.

  1. Fill in the Number of parts to restore
  2. Add the Guardians
  3. Click on Generate New Key

The minimum number of parts to restore is 2.


For security reasons, we recommend choosing two or three times as many guardians as the number of parts needed to restore your key.


It is important that the selected Guardians have their e-mails registered in the system.

  • Only active users in the system can be selected as guardians.
  • The guardians of the master key process must belong to the View password profile to access the key part.
  • The user cannot be the guardian of more than one part of the key.

The organization must trust these guardians, as keys are a critical component of system security.