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Version: 3.25

Storage directory

Configure the encrypted data storage directory

Before creating the Master Key, it is necessary to configure the export location of the encrypted data. Remember that this directory must be known to the parties' guardians.


This step is unnecessary if you are configuring a senhasegura SaaS instance. Go to step Generate remote ceremony from the master key.

Within the module and menu Settings ➔ Backup ➔ Servers, you will access the records of the directory where senhasegura internally forwards the backup.

  1. Create a new record via the New report action button
  2. Choose how the backup will be stored
  3. Fill in your directory

If you choose Local Directory, keep the default data and click Save.

  1. Fill in the Host, Port, and the Credential for authentication
  2. Click Save
Configuring the data backup directory with the master key

This directory is the same directory where the database and session files backup was configured. The Master Key files are forwarded to this same directory and automatically directed to the remote directory configured in the backup step.