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Version: 3.25

General Information

Webservice Integration

senhasegura integration API enables other applications to create, query, update and remove passwords, keys and other protected information using webservices. The webservice follows a REST architecture and can authenticate with OAuth v1.0 or OAuth v2.0 methods.

Every call made to the service is recorded with the date, time, call source IP, and the calling API client application. Sensitive data, such as password and key values, is hidden from log1 messages.

Each client application's access is controlled, in addition to OAuth v1.0 or OAuth v2.0 authentication, by the request's source IP.

Each client has access only to passwords registered by him or assigned by configuration in the application.

The senhasegura works with two basic types of data that are securely stored: passwords and protected information.

Passwords can be Credentials for accessing Devices such as servers and routers, as well as RSA keys used for SSH access. Passwords are automatically changed by the application according to the configured policies.

Protected Information is any type of information and is not altered by the application. They can be used to store sensitive information such as SSH certificate keys or API keys.