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Version: 3.24

Configuring Network Interfaces​ and hostname

To configure the network interface, perform the following steps:

  1. log in to the virtual machine console using the mt4adm account.

  2. Execute the command below and define IP address, Netmask, and Gateway to the primary network interface configuration;

$ sudo orbit network
Network configuration example
  1. At the end, you should receive a success message according to the example;
  • Optional: If needed, execute the network interface configuration command to set up all the network interfaces of the senhasegura instance.
  • Execute the command below to change the default hostname of this senhasegura instance. You should change its name to create a valid application activation code;
$ sudo orbit hostname <new_hostname> 
  • After executing the configuration of Network Interfaces and Hostname, execute the command below to reboot the senhasegura instance:
$ sudo reboot