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Version: 3.24

Domum Roles

Check below the main advantages for the main types of users:

User Administrator

  • Only one gateway to configure access to the senhasegura , instead of multiple VPN configurations for each remote user

  • Central monitoring of external access logs performed by third-party users and employees

  • Dashboard to assist a vendor KPI Analysis

  • Segregation of access management for third-party users and employees

  • Management of all allowed accesses for remote users

  • Real-time monitoring of all sessions in use

  • Video recording of the session

  • User behaviour

  • Logs

  • Restrictions by location

Remote User

  • No need to configure VPN (VPN-Less)

  • No Agent installation required (agentless)

  • No password required. Use of dedicated token.

  • Works from anywhere as long as it is allowed by the administrator

  • Proxy Session through Web Browsers

  • Unique desktop screen with all necessary information


  • Dashboard with an overview of all the accesses made to Domum and the activities performed through it

  • Dashboards segregated by Vendor, specific Third Party User, Employee Group and specific Employee.

  • Third-party user and employee access logs to determine if permissions and credentials have been granted as determined in the external access policy

  • Remote sessions held through Domum, recorded and with the possibility of downloading the video file for auditing