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Version: 3.24


For the Domum module to be used by the Administrator and the operator users, some premises must be met in the settings of the senhasegura .

Registering Access Reasons

For each credential release to a third-party user, the administrator must register the reason and the reason why he/she is granting the access. After installing Domum, the operations performed by the administrator must already be registered as a reason for access.

Domum Access Groups

The Domum module uses access groups that are separate from the other senhasegura access groups. To be able to register Vendors and third party users, the Domum access groups must already be registered.

Account for sending email

For the email containing the access link to be sent to the third-party users, the senhasegura instance must be configured with a default SMTP sending account.

If this account does not exist, the administrator will be presented with an error screen when trying to forward the access link.

To set up the default SMTP account, check the Orbit Web manual.


The senhasegura host provides an SMTP and SMS service for sending email and SMS to users. You can configure your instance to use these services.

SSO usage

Domum users' access configured by SSO login will only be possible using user and password.

The operator user will be able to log in using the SSO action in the corporative login screen and using user and password through Domun URL and in the corporative screen.


There is no support for accessing Domum via mobile when performing remote access from Windows.


  • The Domum service must be used as a service in our cloud;
  • The only SMS service available is Zenvia;
  • There is no integration between third-party users and Active Directory (AD);
  • For the connection between senhasegura and the Domum Service to work, it is necessary to allow direct TCP/UDP communication between the two ends. Redirects, proxies, or similar technologies do not meet the requirement.


The sizing calculation of the senhasegura instance will not change due to Domum. For senhasegura, the origin of the access, via Domum or directly via PAM, is transparent. In this way, the calculation would remain with the existing metrics.