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Version: 3.24

Batch import third-party

You can use batch import to speed up the registration of third-party users.

Some important points about this batch import:

  • The import is based on an Excel spreadsheet;

  • The purpose of this worksheet is to add new third-party users;

  • The vendor that the user is associated with must already be registered in the senhasegura ;

  • Third-party users who are already registered will not be updated.

The Excel template file is available on the same screen where you can import the completed file. Go to the menuDomum Remote Access ➔ Settings ➔ Batch import third-party to access the imported file report.

Clique no botão do ação do relatório Importar.

In this form, click on the footer option Template file to download the template file.

Filling in the template file

  • Vendor: Name of the company responsible for the user to be added. Remember that this vendor must be already registered in the senhasegura .

  • Name: Identification of the third-party user to be added;

  • Email: E-mail address of the third-party user, to which the access link will be sent;

  • Phone: Telephone number of the third party user where the SMS with the access token can be sent;

  • Document: Identification document of the third-party user;

  • Enabled: Indicates if when the user is added to the senhasegura it will already be active or not..

After filling in the file, return to the form where you got the spreadsheet and load the file and click on Import data.

You can track the import process, status and time, in the third-party batch import report.