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Version: 3.24


Credentials are the access keys that give access to the account services at the Cloud provider.

Create credential

To create a credential, go to the menu: Cloud IAM ➔ Cloud IAM ➔ Credentials.

  1. Click on the actions button and select the option Add credential.

  2. In the form fill in the following fields:

    • Provider: Select the provider where the credential should be created

    • Account: Select the account

    • User/Service account: Select the user or service account for which the credential will be created

    • TTL (seconds): Defines the lifetime of the credential. This time is decreasing and starts to be valid from its creation and at the end the credential will be automatically deleted in the provider.

    • Environment: Environment in which the credential will be generated

    • System: System in which the credential will be generated

    • Description: Detailed description of the credential

    • Tags: Tags used to facilitate the search in the filters and segregate the credential in the access groups

  3. To finish, click on Confirm.

View credential

To view a credential, follow the menu Cloud IAM ➔ Cloud IAM ➔ Credentials.

  1. In the report, go to the row of the credential you want to view and in the action column, click on the option Details

  2. To see the secret of the credential click on the Show/Hidden password option


    Only credentials generated by senhasegura will have their password stored. Those generated directly by the provider can only be viewed once.