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Version: 3.23


Updates and maintenance

Who is responsible for taking snapshots of the instance?
senhasegura is responsible for performing these snapshots. They are served on daily bases and before scheduled maintenances.
Do customers need to be part of upgrade agendas?
Yes. The customer monitors the entire update process.
Are the upgrades automatic, or can customers choose the execution date?
Any updates and maintenance are scheduled together with the customer to ensure greater security in a four-eye validation format and avoid risks of unavailability at critical times for the customer.


Is it necessary to reconfigure the VPN after restoring a snapshot?
No, the connection will be established automatically.
Is there a trial available on Private SaaS?
Currently, Private SaaS follows the same model as on-premises, where the evaluation is done in a POC environment.
What are the requirements for running POCs?
The POC request must be opened on the senhasegura website, as in the on-premises version. With this in hand, the senhasegura Implementation team will start the kick-off process, sending the necessary details to execute the POC to the requester.
Is it possible to migrate a POC environment to production?
Yes, but not recommended.
Data input on POC environments usually refers to tests, and configuration changes are generally performed. If administrators forget to revert them, it can generate a dirty or poorly configured productive environment.


Why are snapshots taken instead of standard backup?
The snapshot is a complete image of the application. They are making it possible to restore the environment in case of unavailability/incident quickly.
Why is there a local backup?
To ensure full access to customers’ devices in unavailability, senhasegura provides a local backup of credentials.
In this way, break glass procedures can be performed without accessing the cloud environment.
Is it possible to use another cloud provider?
The definition of the provider used for the SaaS service is the responsibility of senhasegura.
If the customer wants to use a provider of their preference, they must be directed to hire the on-premises version.
Is there redundancy between different regions?
By default, no. senhasegura relies on Google's contingency service to ensure data availability.
An architecture with different regions must be contracted as an additional service.
Is it possible to have a DR instance on another cloud?
senhasegura does not have, by default, offers with a DR environment, either on GCP itself or other clouds, as it is not necessary for the primary use cases in a SaaS offering.
This type of architecture should be treated as an exception, bearing in mind that it entails changes in costs and processes, and its actual need should be carefully evaluated.
Is it possible to have a DR instance on the customer's infrastructure?
senhasegura does not offer the shared administration modality. The management and monitoring of the machines is the responsibility of senhasegura, so the instance must be in senhasegura’s cloud to follow all quality processes and don’t impact scalability.
Is it available an active-active architecture?
Google’s environment already has redundancy in the same region. A separate service can be hired if the customer wants redundancy between regions.
Is it possible to backup to other cloud providers?
Yes, customers can configure the backup of the application, videos, and credentials on a server of their responsibility, be it cloud or physical.
The daily snapshot, performed by senhasegura, is always on GCP in the same region as its instance.
What is the procedure to hire an additional VPN?
The contracting of additional resources or any upgrade must be done together with the senhasegura Commercial team.
In case of failure in the hosted region, what is the contingency plan?
GCP has several data centers in each region, having its contingency plan to ensure that their exchange is transparent. A general failure is unlikely.
Is there a compatibility list regarding the peers to establish the VPN?
Any device with the IPSec pattern implemented.

Regulations and laws

How often are intrusion tests performed in the application environment?
Intrusion tests are performed with each software update that makes up the environment that hosts the application, including the senhasegura tool itself. Market tools and external consultants are used to carrying out the tests.
What guarantees that the client machine will not be cloned or copied?
senhasegura has operational policies and procedures that avoid errors. This will soon be evidenced by ISO 27001 certification.


Can access to senhasegura be performed only through VPN?
No, two architectures are available, one with VPN and the other VPN-less. However, the user can only access the instance through the customer's corporate network. For external access, can be used the Domum module.