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Version: 3.22

Citrix® Integration


The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for senhasegura administrators regarding senhasegura configuration for running applications published by Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop, as well as details of its use, benefits, concepts and procedures.

To achieve the purpode of this manual, it is recommended that senhasegura administrators have technical knowledge of Citrix environments and applications.

Citrix Virtual Desktop and Apps solutions offer desktop virtualization solutions, enabling access to Windows devices and applications regardless of the user's device, allowing them to run from any workstation or operating system.

In this context, senhasegura allows from RemoteApp functionality to run using an RDP client of applications published in the Citrix Store using the senhasegura solution.

Citrix settings

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is an application virtualization solution, allowing universal access to virtual applications and server-based desktops from any device. Using senhasegura 's RemoteApp functionality and registering a bridge server, you can configure running applications published to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop using an RDP client. Setting up Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops involves the following components to function:

  • User workstation

  • senhasegura server

  • Bridge server

  • Citrix Store

  • Active Directory

  • Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent

From their workstation, users will access through senhasegura the bridge server configured in the solution. This connection will be made via remote senhasegura RDP Proxy session. The bridge server will query the Citrix Store application catalog and authenticate the user configured from the server in Active Directory.

At this time, the application will be instantiated on Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent to be delivered to the bridge server, accessed by the user through senhasegura .


For configuring Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop for senhasegura access, the following assumptions are true:

  • Customer has contracted SSA RemoteApp functionality in addition to Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

  • Client has Active Directory as directory service

  • The bridge server has a Debian distribution of the Linux Operating System

  • The credential for access to the bridge server is also registered in Active Directory

  • The application to run is published in Citrix Store

  • To use the file transfer feature, a fixed share folder must be created in the C:\senhasegura_share path of the user's workstation

  • User has an RDP client installed on the workstation, such as Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • Check which firewall releases the bridge server must have to connect to the Citrix Store


In this section, we will cover the following functions of setting up Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for senhasegura access:

  • Customer has contracted SSA RemoteApp functionality in addition to Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

  • Configure the RemoteApp macro for application execution

  • Run the application

Configuration and Operation

Configure senhasegura for application execution

To configure running the Citrix Store app using senhasegura :

  1. Register the bridge server device in senhasegura

  2. Register the application to run on senhasegura RemoteApp:

    RemoteApp form
    NameRemoteApp Application Description
    TypeSelect the User Simulation option
    Tags (comma separated)Macro categorization tags
    Enabled?Indicates whether the command is active or not
    senhasegura.go TS Enabled?Select No
    Application pathCitrix Store application executable URL and application nickname, in the format http://path
  1. Register a credential associated with this bridge server in senhasegura , and associate it with the previously registered RemoteApp application:

    RemoteApp form

    After this senhasegura configuration step, you will be able to perform the RDP connection to the bridge server for running the configured application.

Execute Application

To run the application published on Citrix Store through senhasegura :

  1. Create the folder C:\senhasegura_share on the user's workstation

  2. From the user's workstation, start the RDP client

    Remote Access screen

    After completing the configuration steps, you can save the settings for later quick access by creating a shortcut on the desktop.

  3. On the General tab of the connection screen, complete the following fields:

    Computersenhasegura Server IP or URL
    User nameFill in the connection string in the format usr_vault[usr_cred@dev]
  1. On the Local Resources tab, uncheck the option to use workstation printer resources

  2. Click the More button to configure disk unit sharing. Select drive C: and click on OK

  3. On the Programs tab, select the option Start the following program on connection and fill in the Program path and file name field with the same address as the RemoteApp configuration in senhasegura

  4. Click on Connect

    Aplication access
  5. In the Select an access option field, select the application configured to run and click on Access

  6. The remote session will be started along with running the configured application.