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Version: 3.22

Updating senhasegura platform​

Please keep all your senhasegura instances updated with the latest stable version published into our official mirrors. Stay familiarized with our published changelogs, where you can find bug fixes, new features, security and usability improvements.

Update with Cluster

When updating the senhasegura in a cluster, you should NOT turn the members to standalone; update them one by one, starting with the primary member and then the following members, without breaking the cluster.

E.g., "Update Member 1, when finished Update Member 2, when finished, Update Member 3..."



Before execute senhasegura update ALWAYS execute a SNAPSHOT in your hypervisor!

Snapshots in senhasegura instances must be done with the instance powered off, to make sure that the rollback will be possible.

  1. To begin, first turn off the senhasegura instance using the command:
$ sudo orbit shutdown
  1. After the instance is off, proceed with the execution of the snapshot the hypervisor;

  2. When the snapshot is done, turn on the senhasegura instance again and proceed to update the application.


In senhasegura clusters, always execute the snapshot of all senhasegura instances, but execute the snapshot of each instance separately, turning off one instance at a time, execute the snapshot, turn on the instance again and validate the instance, before proceed to the next instance.

Online update​

  1. Update the platform using our official mirror so that this instance receives the most up-to-date version of senhasegura;

  2. The sequence of commands below will update the package list, update the Orbit binary and update the platform. A long log output will be displayed and this process may take a few minutes.

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install orbit-cli
$ sudo orbit upgrade
  1. You will need to restart the instance to ensure that all services use this configured interface.
$ sudo orbit shutdown --reboot
  1. Wait for the instance to finish the reboot and the system will be available to be accessed by the web interface.

Offline update​

To perform the update offline, if the safe does not have Internet access, perform the following steps:

  1. In another station, download the update package:
$ wget
  1. Upload the downloaded file to the senhasegura server (e.g. via scp):
$ scp mt4adm@[IP]:/home/mt4adm
  1. Perform the package installation:
$ sudo bash

In this step, remember to make the confirmations when they are requested in the terminal.