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Version: 3.22


After the license activation, login to the senhasegura web interface using the admin default account.

The screen will display the text of the EULA which are the terms and conditions governing the use of senhasegura, and it is necessary to perform the acceptance of the terms in order to be granted access to the rest of the solution.

After reading the text fill in the fields:

  • Name: Full name of the user is doing the acceptance;

  • Email: Email address of the user who is carrying out the acceptance;

  • Company: Name of the organization that the user who is accepted works for;

  • Job title: Name of the position that the user who is doing the acceptance, occupies in the organization filled in the previous field.


This acceptance will only be made by administrator users who have access to the module Orbit. It must be done again every time the EULA text is updated.

To see which versions of the EULA have been accepted and which users have carried out the acceptances access the menu: Settings ➔ EULA ➔ Versions.

In this report you will be able to consult when each version was accepted, besides the information entered by the user during the acceptance, it is also possible to consult the IP that he used when he accepted the EULA.